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Welcome to Abuelle. Our goal is to offer caregivers a secure and comfortable product for their clients or families, emphasizing ease of use, maintenance, and versatility.
Elevate your caregiving experience with our exceptional bed pads. Place your order now and revolutionize the way you care for your loved ones!

Introducing our revolutionary bed pads, specially designed to elevate your comfort and prioritize safety. Say goodbye to the challenges of caregiving and embrace a more comfortable experience for those in need. Whether you're a seasoned professional or providing compassionate home care for a loved one, our bed pad is a game-changer that will enhance your daily life!

Advanced 4-Layer Construction: Our bed pads feature an innovative 4-layer structure that guarantees unmatched comfort and protection. We've meticulously crafted these pads using 100g polyester worsted fabric, 240-250g polyester-cotton blend, a highly absorbent thermoplastic polyurethane film, and a sturdy anti-slip bottom layer made from 70g pongee fabric reinforced with plastic drop. Rest assured, every layer has been thoughtfully designed to exceed your expectations.

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Washable and Reusable Convenience: Unlike disposable incontinence pads, our absorbable pads can be effortlessly cleaned in the washing machine, making them incredibly convenient and eco-friendly. Built to withstand repeated use, these pads are a cost-effective solution for the long haul. They air dry quickly, are gentle on the skin, and boast a discreet darker pattern that cleverly conceals any stains or marks.

Extra Size, Extra Protection: Our bed pad not only delivers supreme softness, comfort, and waterproofing but also offers an expanded size for unparalleled coverage. Experience the confidence that comes with enhanced protection. And when it's time to store or transport the pad, don't fret—it folds effortlessly and occupies minimal space, ensuring utmost convenience.

Versatility at Its Best: Equipped with sturdy handles, our bed pads go above and beyond to cater to your needs. Use them to effortlessly turn, reposition, or lift disabled or bedridden patients, individuals with limited mobility, or seniors. Moreover, they serve as the ultimate bedwetting protection for kids, postpartum moms, people with incontinence, or those in the process of recovery.​

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